Gazelles is a Canadian line of high-end women's clothing. 

We value a human, warm and private purchasing experience based on trust and respect. Our priority is to offer quality products and to give all our clients the opportunity to express their tastes, to develop their personal style and to learn to adapt their look to their body type.

We have developed a business model that enables us to adapt to our clients' hectic lifestyles, with their often irregular or unpredictable hours, because, at Gazelles, everything revolves around the woman.


Why Gazelles?

 The Gazelle is a graceful creature that exudes tremendous presence.

But Gazelles is more than a name; it is a state of mind. It encapsulates elegance, feminity, ambition and charisma. An animal fully self-confident in a environment that is hostile and tremendously challenging.

Gazelles is all about that personal touch and concern for the client—as well as luxurious and carefully selected fabrics. Our clients become part of one devoted, passionate family.


We invite you to relax and let us advise you and support yoi in your success. 


Welcome to the Gazelles family