“I see beauty in the eyes of a woman who is confident, who does not worry about others' opinions, and who knows how to appreciate another woman's qualities without falling into the trap of making comparisons.”

Habi Gerba signature transparente

- Habi Gerba


Born in Canada to Cameroonian parents, Habi Gerba studied at Montreal's Marie-Victorin CÉGEP, where she earned a diploma in fashion design with a specialization in fur. She then pushed business management studies at HEC Montréal university business school.

Since her childhood, fashion and drawing have been her passions. With just a few quick, thin strokes of her pencil, she is able to convey her vision and ideas and make others discover her gentle, minimalist and feminine universe.

After several years handling image management and business development for Canadian companies, Habi decided to combine her passion for management and her love for creation, by launching her very own line of women's clothing.

For the young creator's viewpoint, it's all about the client, her dream, her passion...Because it is the woman who brings garment to life, not the other way around. She describes her clients as her greatest source of inspiration. With Gazelles, she has challenged herself to find an elegant, feminine and professional way to turn heads.