The Universe


Each creation begins with a sketch. Always in pencil, the sketch is a ceaseless work in progress. It comes to life when the client's personality melds with the designer's vision.


The Gazelles woman is elegant and self-assured. Open to the world, driven, she is fuelled by passion, dreams and the challenges ahead. She wishes to attract attention for the right reasons and wants to wear clothes that are appropriate for her work environment and that reflect her personality.


Gazelles clothes are meant to be refined, comfortable, and adapted to clients' lifestyles. A well-designed garment should bring out all your qualities and fit your silhouette perfectly.


Classic, timeless, and simple. Simplicity is often more complex than it appears. The beauty of minimalist design is the illusion that a garment is simple despite all the technical achievement behind each detail. Nothing is left to chance, so that in the end—somehow—a garment pulls off the feat of attracting our attention without upstaging the woman wearing it.

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